5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill


As the New Year begins, we will soon enter the heart of winter, when temperatures are coldest. And when the temperature drops, your energy bill shoots through the roof. Here are five ways to lower your energy bill without lowering your happiness.

1. Set your thermostat to a schedule

Your house only needs to be comfortable when someone is in it, so set your thermostat around 3-5 degrees lower whenever you’re not at home. This is especially important if you are gone for long stretches during the day, whether at your job or out on the town. You can also set the temperature down when you’re in bed.  Adding another blanket to your bed never hurts.

2. Turn everything off when you leave the house

Similar to step one, make sure that your house is consuming as little energy as possible when you’re not there. This includes lights, televisions, thermostats, etc.—basically anything plugged into the wall. The goal is to use as little power as possible.

3. Limit your use of electronics

While turning on the television every night after work might be an old habit by now, take one night a week to turn off all your electronics. You might find that the peace and quiet is a welcome part of your week. It also encourages children to find other activities besides being glued to their laptop, tablet or phone screens.

4. Be selective in what you use

Even if you’re at home, you don’t need to heat or light the entire house if you’re only going to be in one area. Consider closing vents in a basement or unused bedroom—but make sure you do not close more than 10% of the vents in your home, or your duct system might fall out of calibration. Also make sure that when your electronics are done charging to unplug the charger or turn off the power strip.  They will continue to use power even while not charging your devices.

5. Seal up doors and windows

When heating (or cooling) your home, it is important to keep in or keep out as much heat as possible so your furnace doesn’t have to work too hard. Make sure your doors and windows aren’t leaking heat to the outside; consider insulating blinds for the windows and a door snake for particularly drafty doors.

With these five ways to lower your energy bill, you could see a meaningful difference in the size of your bill next month, without disrupting your lifestyle. Of course, if you want to hugely reduce your payments, there is always the option to replace your furnace with a more efficient model. Whatever you decide, you can give us a call at 417-831-5344. We’re always here to help.

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