Air Conditioners Are Like People

Spend the winter motionless, smoking cigarettes and stuffing yourself with junk. Then, go out and try to run a marathon.


First comes sputtering. Then comes wheezing.


Then you die.


After a season of gathering dirt, tree sap, grass cuttings and insects, your air conditioner would do the same.

We’ve been at this since 1997 and we’ve seen it all. But nothing surprises us more than the number of homeowners who make life harder than it has to be.  A simple, early season maintenance will give your system a clean bill of health!

Don’t donate more money to the utility company, or the emergency repair guys than you have to. Give us a call now and take advantage of our spring-health-inspection for just $19.97.

Remember, just because your AC turns on, that doesn’t mean it will endure the summer marathon. When the first hot day rolls around, every technician in town is going to buried in service calls. Trust us, you don’t want to be in that line!


If you believe in saving money, call 417-831-5344 for your $19.97 spring health inspection, or make an appointment with us online.

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