Professional Appliance Repair
ATS has been repairing broken dishwashers since 1997.

Appliance Tech Services has been providing appliance repair service in the Ozarks for almost two decades now. We service all the major brands, and fix even the oddest problems.

Our technicians are experienced, honest and provide a dependable repair service. You’ll find that we treat your home as we would our own and never leave a mess. Our service is convenient and we always provide an estimate up front. We do our best to complete the repair the same day.

Let us help you with all your appliances and give you some tips on keeping them running longer and more efficiently. Contact ATS for your next appliance repair

Refrigerator Repair

We have been providing refrigerator repair service in Springfield Mo and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. From a compressor to an ice-maker we can handle any problem your fridge throws at us. And as with all repairs, stand behind it for a year.
Some tips: Look under your kick plate in front of your fridge, about 95% have a coil under them that needs cleaned at least once a year. If you have filtered water, change that filter every 6 months. Some will leak if you don’t because the seals go out on the old filter. And shine a flash light behind your fridge once in a while to look for water leaks. Use the stainless steel braided water flex lines if you can, they hold up better.

Washing Machine Repair

The washing machine is a time saving appliance that makes life easier. When it’s not working, however, it can cause plenty of stress. If your washer isn’t running properly try and put it through an entire cycle. Watch it and note what goes wrong and at what point in the cycle the problem happens.

For instance, does it stall on the spin cycle or never click over into the final rinse and spin? These details will help us determine the cause of the problem and offer solutions. We can help you get to the bottom of your washing machine troubles in no time!

washing machine
Dryer Repair

The dryer is a handy appliance that definitely saves families time. Instead of hanging clothes out and hoping for sun, we can just pop them in the dryer and enjoy dry, clean clothes in no time. Sometimes, however, things go wrong, which is where we come into the picture.

Some signs of a failing dryer, other than if it won’t turn on, are reduced heat output, longer dry times, noisy operation and burnt or torn clothes. So if you have to run clothes through several cycles to dry, you might be facing a problem.

Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher makes those homemade meals less of a headache since they make cleaning up a bit easier. Sometimes, however, these devices fail and leave us with racks full of no-so-clean dishes. Fortunately, dishwashers often give us hints of trouble before they actually fail.

Pay attention to your dishwasher and look for signs of trouble. Is it nosier than it used to be? Are you hearing sounds that you haven’t heard before during normal operation? Are your dishes coming out still a bit dingy or spotted? If you notice any of these signs you might need to take a closer look at your dishwasher. ATS Heating and Cooling  can help you find and remedy the problem.

Oven Repair

Ovens are more complicated than they used to be! In the past there were only a handful of models and only a few things that could really go wrong. Now there are many makes, models and energy sources, making trouble shooting and repairing an oven more complicated.

Think your oven is on the verge of failure? Put an oven thermometer in it and heat it up to 400 degrees. Note how long it takes and if your oven’s controls match what the thermometer is saying. If your oven can’t get there in between 10 to 15 minutes, you might have a problem. Keep an eye on your oven and call us to help you keep it in great working order!

Hot Water Heater Repair

We rely on hot water for many purposes in our homes. From that hot shower at the end of the day to washing dishes after dinner, hot water is an important part of our lives. This makes the hot water heater one of the most vital, but often overlooked, appliances in our home.

You won’t always have signs of failure when your hot water heater is going bad, but you should pay attention to leaks, odd sounds and a reduced amount of hot water. If you notice any of these it’s time to take a closer look. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help keep the hot water flowing.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals reduce the amount of trash we put out on the curb each week. They give us a convenient way to dispose of debris and make kitchen clean up easier than ever. And other than an occasionally cleaning, with something like and lemon peels, they require very little maintenance from us.

Like any appliance, however, sometimes things go wrong. Garbage disposals have moving parts and a motor, leaving room for failure from wear, tear or misuse. If you need a professional to help get your disposal back up and running, give us a call!

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